Arizona Certified Legal document Preparer (AZCLDP)

Approximately 70% of low-income households and 60% of middle-income households are not able to seek necessary, routine legal services – primarily due to the cost.  Self-help centers, non-profit organizations and other pro bono service organizations originally instituted to assist people in these matters have been reduced or eliminated due to lack of funding and, where still available, are severely over burdened and the demand is only continuing to grow.

The Arizona Supreme Court recognized that a system intended to be “and justice for all” was rapidly becoming a system of “and justice for those who can afford it” and that there was a growing need to provide simple, affordable and equitable access to the legal system to those with low to moderate income, or to those who simply don’t want to pay more than they need to for routine legal services.  Like most industries, the way to do this was to reduce involvement of the middle man wherever possible.

In 2003, balancing the growing need to provide simple, affordable and equitable access to the legal system with the responsibility to protect the public, the Arizona Supreme Court instituted a system of mandatory certification for non-attorney legal professionals, qualified through education, training or work experience, to provide the public with simple, effective, affordable options in handling their legal affairs.  We are Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparers (AZCLDPs).  Our creation, certification, oversight and authority come from the Arizona Supreme Court and our standards of conduct, professionalism and continuing education are similar to those of attorneys.

Many routine legal matters require knowledge of legal rights, rules, laws, available options, and can be procedurally complex, but do not require specific legal advice.  AZCLDPs are authorized to provide general and factual information pertaining to legal rights, procedures or options available in uncontested legal proceedings, to make legal documents available to those representing themselves in legal matters, and to navigate the court system for them.

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